Outdoor Arts Portugal

Outdoor Arts Portugal is an interdisciplinary platform, promoted by Bússola, for professional creative and production agents in the fields of contemporary circus and outdoor performing arts in Portugal, which aims to enhance the conditions for the development of contemporary artistic creation in this domain. Professional training and audience engagement, combined with the national and international promotion of this artistic context, are essential actions of activity connected with a mission of research and sectorial observation, focusing on a mission for promoting and disseminating contemporary languages and innovative dramaturgies. With these premises in mind, different activities and actions are developed annually to provide a differentiated response to multiple needs.

Outdoor Arts Portugal is based on a network of partnerships and collaborations on an international scale, generating opportunities for maximizing the project actions. The activities are mainly developed based on partnerships with national artistic and production stakeholders, as well as a wide range of international collaborations that enable the opening of the national sector to foreign markets in different contexts, enhancing opportunities in the international dimension.